It’s been a real busy year and as we creep into the summer months, we’d like to give you some great news. Our Aloe Ginger Lemonade and Love Vine Tea are now available at Mind, Body and Soul Fitness Center in the Circle Mall in Freeport, Bahamas. So, if you want to try our all natural, organic juice, stop by and grab a bottle.  Or you can call/text/whatapp 553-2931 for FREE DELIVERY in the Freeport area.

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Love Vine Tea

Love Vine Infusion

Okay ladies and gentlemen, you asked for it and we delivered. Our Love Vine Tea is ready and awaiting for you to try. So, what exactly is in our Love Vine Tea and what does it do? Our delicious tea contains orange, ginger, hibiscus and of course, Love Vine. It is sweetened with all organic, low-gylcemic Sugar in the Raw and can be enjoyed, hot or cold. The tea has many healthy benefits, including:

-blood purifier

-male/female virility (aphrodisiac)

-cardiovascular health

-cholesterol/blood pressure maintenance

Want to order? Call/text/whatapp 553-2931 to get your bottle today! FREE delivery in the Freeport, Bahamas area.

Aloe Vera Juice Isn’t That Hard To Make, Ya Think?

TruHealth is always asked if it’s difficult to make our aloe juice. It’s not really difficult as it is time consuming. Remember, our juice is made fresh-to-order every single day, but it’s definitely worth it. The positive feedback tells us that we’re doing the right thing. To show you one part of the process, check out the video.

If you want to try for yourself and you’re in Freeport, call/text/WhatApp 553-2931 or email One bottle for $3 or two for $5. FREE delivery in the Freeport area. (Minimum 4 bottles for delivery-$10 value). We’re also sold at Mind, Body & Soul Fitness Center in Circle Mall and Bethel’s Bookstore.

Aloe Benefits Include: Great for hair and skin, weight loss, keeps blood healthy, inproves digestion, great detox, healthy heart, reduces inflammation and more…

*Drink like any other juice. Our aloe ginger lemonade is sweetened with all-natural, low glycemic Sugar in the Raw, however, if diabetic we suggest sipping a bottle throughout the day for maximum benefits.

What Exactly Does Our Aloe Ginger Lemonade Do?

What was your New Year Resolution?


With millions of products available, why should we drink your juice? We get asked this question all the time and yes, it’s a fair question. The short answer is; because it’s good for you.

smiling-woman-on-treadmill-at-gymBut what exactly does that mean? Good for you as in Will it make me a million bucks? Will it make me happier? Our juice is NOT a miracle worker. I don’t know any juice (or anything for that matter) that is. Our juice will not keep you in the bathroom all morning long. Our juice WILL NOT make you lose 30 lbs in a week. Remember, our juice is 100% all natural, only chemicals can do these things–and those you definitely don’t want inside your body.

So what does our juice do?

9156694-black-and-white-woman-with-thumbs-upOur aloe ginger lemonade takes you on that first step to getting your body fit and healthy. It’s not a fad or a quick fix, our juice is designed to keep you healthy long term, without the use of chemicals. Almost everything you eat is GMO, even some fruits and veggies, and if you want to get healthy you need to commit to the journey. You only have one body and it has sustain you for several years, so take care of it. If you’re not interested in doing that, well then, this juice may not be for you. Some of the benefits include:


-lowers cholesterol

-good for nails and hair

-fights inflammation

-and much more

Juice bottleIf you are interested in leading a healthier lifestyle, give our aloe ginger lemonade a try. Contact us on facebook or whatapp 553-2931. One bottle for $3 or two for $5. FREE delivery in the Freeport area or purchase at Mind, Body & Soul Fitness Center in the Circle Mall.







Benefits of Aloe


Juice bottle2

If you grew up in the Bahamas, then most likely your mom and grandma knew the benefits of aloe and how to use it to get rid of certain ailments, like a chest cold or skin issues.  While the taste rivaled bottled skunk juice, you knew it worked. Since becoming an adult, modern medicine has been your go-to for sickness but with all the side-effects that come with most medications, you may be thinking about revisiting the old natural standby.

The good news is that you can use aloe as a preventative instead of a reactive measure to ward off sickness. The even better news is that aloe doesn’t have to taste disgusting anymore. You can now drink aloe in a delicious aloe ginger lemonade every single day and don’t have to worry about any side effects.

Benefits of Aloe:Aloe-Vera-Juice-weight-loss

-lowers blood pressure

-lowers cholesterol

-keeps blood healthy

-great detox

-aids in weight loss

-good for nails and hair

-fights inflammation

Taste it for yourself. WhatApp 553-2931 or email One bottle for $3 or Two for $5. FREE delivery in the Freeport area (4 bottle minimum-$10 value)

** Also available at Mind, Body & Soul gym at Circle Mall ($3/bottle)

For more info on TruHealth, check us out of facebook.

The Importance of a Good Detox


Studies have shown that between the Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays, people pack on an average of 5 lbs. This is due to several factors including–well–just plain good ol’ eatin’. (Those darn holiday and NYE party platters). Weight gain is also due to the sedentary lifestyle we take on as a result of more days off from work and school.

It’s early January and you may already be feeling the effects of all that food inside your gut. If you’re constipated and feeling bloated, it may be time for a detox.

Benefits of a detox:

Aside from cleaning out all those toxins consumed this holiday season, a good detox offers several other health benefits, including:

Boosts Energy: You’re ridding your body of all those things that made you sluggish in the first place therefore naturally boosting your energy.

8166553324_3c1f6e1f7c_mAids in Weight Loss: It’s obvious why detoxing aids in weight loss; you’re getting rid of all those unwanted elements that your body so feverishly hung on to during the holidays. By detoxing (and eating right during and after the detox), you keep your digestion moving. A healthy digestive system means less waste in your colon and the less waste inside your colon, the less constipated you will be.

Stronger Immune System: Do you have that one health/fitness buff friend that never gets sick? (Yeah, I hate him too!) But you have to admit, he is definitely on to something. By keeping your body healthy and cleansed from all the bad elements, your organs are freed up to function properly. With the removal of toxins, you’ll also be able to absorb nutrients much better.

DSC_0183[1]To help you begin your New Year detox, try our aloe ginger lemonade. 1 for $3 or 2 for $5. Some benefits include no preservatives, energizes and rehydrates and is a great immunity booster.


For more information on TruHealth,  check us out on facebook.




With the New Year fast approaching some may want to eat and drink as much as possible and start fresh with our diet and exercise plan on January 1. If that’s you, go ahead and have your fun.  Just don’t expect to come off a binge and lose the 15 lbs you gained in the last few months of 2015 within 2-weeks of implementing your New Year’s Resolution. DSC_0184[1]

That’s not to say forget about the workout plan altogether. Instead, put it into perspective and create a resolution you can keep. Begin with the bare minimum and promise yourself you’ll cut back on sugar-y sodas to once a week or that you will workout once a week. By creating a doable resolution you’ll find your bare minimum will increase and once a week will turn into 2, will turn into 3 etc…

Try replacing one of your daily sodas with our all natural aloe ginger lemonade. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Healthy always comes one- step-at-a-time.

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Enjoy your New Year!